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September 2, 2012
The message focused on life experiences and how valuable they are in understanding ourselves and the role Jesus plays in one's lives.  Shawn shared his example of the memorable ten days he just spent at camp.  He showed the bracelet he received and explained that each of the beads represented valuable skills he learned that he could use throughout his life: blue is goal setting, yellow is responsibility, green is environmental awareness, orange is attitude, and red is teamwork.


July 15, 2012
The Children’s Message today was related to offering a prayer of remembrance to Brenda Ann VanEvery, a member of St. Luke’s extended family. A small amount of sweet grass and sage was burned to create a brief waft of smoke representing one’s spirit as one enters heaven.  The Sunday School presented to Jim Higginson a bracelet with each bead representing God’s goodness and the abundant earth. The bracelet will be placed in Brenda’s casket.

July 8, 2012
The Children’s Message today was one of faith. As it turns out, the theme’s namesake Faith joined Rev. Ellie in describing how everyone has gifts and talents, showing in the form of passion. For Faith, it is her youthful exuberance; her many talents include singing, riding, drawing, playing violin etc. etc.  Rev. Ellie and Faith walked to the parishioners handing the imaginary “mic” randomly to some. Barb Mc. described her talents as hair and makeup; Barb C. described her passion or talent as gardening; Suzanne’s was organizing stuff; Hazel’s was music; jokingly, Mr. Gee’s talent was forgetting everything he just heard; and Frank’s was cooking. God has given everyone different skills and talents. This makes everyone different, and the passionate way they are expressed makes the world a better place through God.

July 1, 2012
The Children’s Message today evolved around the meaning of Canada’s birthday. Rev. Ellie pointed out to the children how the flag and the anthem represent symbolic references and give Canada meaning.  Our family and friends and those we don’t know had united and sustained Canada under God’s guiding hand. It is up to us to carry on that respect and loyalty.  Rev. Ellie led the singing of O Canada, and small flags were handed out for all to wave.

Canada Day 1
Canada Day 2

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