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St. Luke's 125th Anniversary Celebration


Wow, what a year!

In October 2009 we began our preparation for 2010 St. Luke's 125th Anniversary celebration. Barb McFarlane, Doris Lampman, Hazel Las and many others contributed a great deal of their time to make this year-long event a success.

During our anniversary year, we had many events, such as, a float in the Santa Claus Parade, Valentine’s Day Party, Rama Trip, Seder Supper to go along with our regular pancake supper, hamburger roast, peach peeling, turkey supper, and a video session with 100 Huntley Street.  We had many special guests including Trev Jones, Marion Vincett, Michael Patterson, and Jim Cavanaugh. We enjoyed a variety of  music by Brock Edwards and Sara Weiss, Praise Unlimited, Chip Richter, Niagara Youth Group, Randy Kay, to name a few. And we offered many special services, such as, youth, children’s, social justice, etc. 

We installed a temporary sign on the front lawn, that no one could miss, to let everyone in town know this was a special year for St. Luke’s. Commemorative eco-bags were screened and sold. And a summary DVD was available in December that captured the moments of laughter and tears, images, videos and music as a reminder of our historic year.

The celebration reached its highest point on October 17, 2010 with a 125th Anniversary service. Many special guests joined us on this special occasion including Bishop Michael, the Mayor, a Council member, Rev. Sue Channen and members of St. Philips.

Click here to see more photos of our 125th Anniversary celebration.