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S. Brooke Anderson


Brooke Anderson (www.sbandersonart.com) is a Prison Fellowship Canada volunteer in British Colombia. She grew up in California and resides in Vancouver. She takes Christian based art therapy into women's prisons, based on the idea in the book titled: "Keep an Eye on Your Soul", authored by her colleague Jerome Gastaldi. Brooke visits Fraser Valley Institute, Grand Valley Institute for Women, Edmonton Institution for Women, and Nova Institution for Women. She has taken the program recently to South Africa.

Brooke was a former Air Canada stewardess, and now a well-known artist who makes her living in art and art therapy. She generously donates her time and resources to women who are incarcerated, teaches them to paint, and helps them explore their understanding of the world and God through art.

The piece in the church, see below, is part of a series called "Presence". It represents her understanding of the Holy Spirit.


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