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Do you know a family that may need financial help?  People often have a hard time finding out what help is available.

Did you know?

  • 25% of people working in Niagara earn less than $20,000 per year (after tax income) [NHS 2010]

  • 12.9% of Niagara’s population have incomes below the After Tax Low Income Measure; 16.9% of residents under 18 years of age are below the after tax LIM.  National Household Survey, 2010 data.

  • Since the onset of the recession (Q3 2008), the number of people requiring Ontario Works financial help has increased by 47%:  22,172 people. In contrast, the Ontario Works caseload for the province increased 33%. 
    Source: A Home for All, 2013, p.72.

The following is a helpful partial list of links to third-party websites in the Niagara area:

Income and Family Information

Women’s Information