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Elaine Kempton


In Elaine’s own words, “I have been painting for at least the past 10 to 12 years, on and off, not consistently though I wish I did. My husband urged to me paint since I was always sketching. The spiritual aspect of my painting is that, since I was very young, I always knew that a higher being or energy was always with me. I just love everything spiritual, it seems to help me feel calm and free.

“I do mostly watercolour, but I also have done pastels and I much prefer pastels.  I have only done three pastels and have sold them all.

“The inspiration for my painting below was how I wanted to picture our guardian angels and the heaven from which they come. I don’t feel that I really captured my feelings of spirituality in it though it was comes close.  All I know is that I have strong spiritual feelings and no matter how much I try I never seem to capture what I want, though I am always trying.”

The Angel

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