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marriage 1
Richelle and Justin in 2008
marriage 2
Heather and Wally in 1980p

Marriage is a Sacrament in the Anglican Church and is an outward and visible sign of God’s grace. This means that as a couple say their vows, join hands and exchange
ring (s) these outward actions become a sign of God’s grace manifested in the love God has for each of them and the love they have for each other.

Usually the couple meets with the minister at the church to discuss marriage and what it means to the couple. At the meeting the time of the wedding ceremony is booked. Additional meetings are scheduled for further preparation.

There is some flexibility in the service. The couple is encouraged to select the readings they would like at their wedding from a list of suggested Bible passages. If there is a particularly meaningful reading from other sources, other than the Bible, then this need is to be approved by the minister. Most couples prefer to use the traditional wedding vows; however, a couple may write their own vows provided that this remains a sacred vow made to each other in the presence of God. The choice of music is discussed with the minister. Suggested Hymns or other pieces can be used. Our organist is available, or the couple can supply their own musician or soloist. 

There is a fee for providing marriage services and include preparation with the minister, use of facilities, and use of organist. Please contact us for a list of fees.

Note: photo on the top left: Ken giving away his daughter Emma in July 1992.