About Us


Vision and Mission

The commitment to our traditions and our loyalty as a congregation are prominent characteristics that form our identity. Our primary strength is our sense of survival shown by our strong loyalty and commitment and willingness of many to donate their time, treasure and talent. Our message is clear and we strive to establish credibility and emotionally connect within the community.

Excellence in ministry in Smithville and West Lincoln!  This vision is supported by the strength of the Lord who can encourage people to be positive about life and consider others in their decision making.

St. Luke’s Anglican Church encourages belief in the Lord and Christian values through excellence in ministry using a mix of alternative approaches. 

Core Values and Understandings

  • Passionately follow Christ
  • Take risks and learn from mistakes
  • Status Quo is no longer an option
  • Remove all barriers between privileged and non-privileged people
  • Planning for the future assists achieving success in the future