About Us


The St. Luke's Experience

The St. Luke’s experience is one with God.  It consists of the congregation as a whole, each member and the culture of the parish.  St. Luke’s knows it is doing something special in the community because members identify with the parish through their personal experiences, their family’s experience with it and their ancestors’ experience with it. 

Members work hard to keep the parish relevant and meaningful.  In accomplishing this, each member realizes that they are called by God to do something which makes a difference in the lives of members, the life of the parish and the life of the community.

St. Luke’s realizes that it needs to be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and sees itself as an advocate for the poor and the marginalized.  Members know they are knowledgeable about the environment and have an innate responsibility to look after what God gave us and sustain it for the next generations.  

The St. Luke’s Experience is unique, now and in the future consists of a mix of:  

  • Spirited services for worship and fellowship
  • Outreach programs to make a difference
  • Transparent communication among the faithful congregants
  • Youth and Tween activities, for they are the future of St. Luke’s
  • Music, traditional and progressive, because it inspires and helps in reflection
  • Minister's support and efforts to carry out the vision
  • Active participation in community life to make a difference

Caring people, under God’s direction, gave birth to St. Luke’s.  Caring people carry on and celebrate this and take on the responsibility of carrying on in good and difficult times.  This is the St. Luke’s Experience!